5 Steps to Prepare Your Pond for Cold Weather

Tweet With winter just around the corner, now is this the time to prepare your pond for the season ahead. To make spring maintenance much easier, take these steps to winterize your pond now. Remove leaves and debris Dying leaves and debris must be removed from your pond as they will decay and pollute the […]

3 Easy DIY Ways to Get Your Front Porch Ready for Fall

Tweet Family and friends are getting ready to descend on your home for the holidays and the front porch needs to be refreshed to coordinate with the season.

What gardening tools should be in your shed this fall

Tweet Fall is officially here. Leaves cover the yard, the air cools and the time is now to prepare your landscape for impending winter weather. At Absolute Landscape and Turf Services Inc., we have made a list of five essential fall gardening tools to help you maintain your lawn before the weather gets any colder.

Tips for preparing your landscape design for cooler weather in Dayton, Ellicott City, Glenelg, Clarksville, and Surrounding Areas

TweetWith the cold months quickly approaching, it’s common for lawn and yard care to fall down on the list of priorities. For many, the arrival of cold weather means putting away the lawnmower until spring.

5 Ways to enjoy your outdoor living space in the fall

TweetSummer often gets all the love when it comes to outdoor entertainment, but autumn can be just as ideal, if not even better. For starters, the weather hovers at pleasantly cool temperatures, there are fewer insects and evenings are cool enough to have an outdoor fire pit. These are just a few of the reasons […]

Three great plants to grow during fall gardening

Tweet Spring may be a great time for planting, but fall gardening is just as ideal, giving your garden a splash of vibrant color just when it needs it the most. Furthermore, fall is the perfect season to plan for those spring months just around the corner.