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4 Ideas to Make Your Backyard Kid- AND Adult-Friendly

You’ve always envisioned having the kind of backyard that everyone can enjoy. But how do you make it a cool hang out for ALL ages? Here are four kid-friendly backyard ideas that will give the little ones a place to play and still maintain the ambiance of relaxation the adults can enjoy.


Nothing says “childhood” more than playing in the sand. If you are up for a backyard improvement project, consider a sandbox with seating built around it – a great way to combine play space with relaxing space, so that the whole family can gather around one area. Or add sand around your fire pit. The kids can play during the day, and the adults can relax at night with their toes in the sand.


Chalkboard fence panels

Chalk paint has become easy to use and even easier to find in recent years, which makes for an easy and inexpensive weekend project. Adding chalk paint to several wooden fence panels or simply installing a dedicated chalkboard is instant fun.

Choose an area close to seating area for the perfect all-around family fun night. While the adults watch and supervise, creativity and even backyard games can ensue: tic-tac-toe, hangman or charades can be played for hours, only to be wiped away for easy cleanup. And when the kids get tired, adults can take over to keep score for their horseshoes or cornhole games.

Accentuate the trees 

While not everyone is okay with allowing kids to climb up trees, there is no reason not to make use of the ones in your backyard. Adding a hammock is a little instant vacation, and can also create hours of playtime for children who want to swing. There are a lot of options in regard to size and shape. Several options now are made from pallet wood and allow for the addition of small mattresses or other bedding.

A tire swing or rope swing is also an easy installation that will have everyone cheering. Upcycle an old skateboard, tire or front porch swing for a seating area that even the adults will want to sit on.


All kids love trampolines, but not all adults love to bounce about. After the kids wear themselves out, add pillows and throw blankets to make this the perfect convertible play space: trampoline by day, comfortable conversation pit by night.

Need more ideas? Our experts can help create and design the perfect outdoor space for all ages. Your backyard can easily be a place that kids AND grownups can enjoy!