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4 Tips for Rookie Gardeners

The air is warm, the sun is shining and you have visions of peaceful weekends spent tending to your garden…

Except your thumb is definitely not green and you have no idea how to garden. Relax! We have four tips for gardening beginners that will have you diving into this relaxing hobby.

Start small

It’s important not to take on a large project too quickly. Not only will you be overwhelmed, but you may also end up causing long-term damage to your property.

Instead, start small. Indoor windowsill plants and herbs are a great way to add color and greenery to your home. Also consider patio gardening, which is simply pots or small raised areas outside containing shrubs and flowers.

Once you have chosen a small area or decorative pots, research each plant, flower, shrub or herb being planted. You don’t want to waste money on flowers that need sunlight if you have a mostly shaded yard. Also note growing heights, watering requirements and planting depths before purchasing anything to make sure your capabilities and the desired plants are a perfect match.

Gather essential tools

Every gardener needs a few essential tools in order to tackle any outdoor project. Proper gloves that provide support and grip protect hands from yard debris. Hand trowels and rakes allow digging in smaller spaces, and if you find yourself spending too much time digging on your knees, a kneeling pad is perfect for taking pressure off your joints.

When the weather begins to change and leaves begin falling, a larger rake and a full-size shovel may be needed. Depending on the vegetation and amount of falling leaves, the right Fall tools will make larger jobs a snap. There is no need to rush out and purchase large, expensive gardening equipment until you know the needs of your plantings and the maintenance level required by your property.

Water well

The key to success for almost every growing project is the right amount of water. Plants are growing things, just like humans. Not enough water can dehydrate them, causing them to dry out. Too much water can damage the roots. Imagine standing in a bucket of water for days. Uncomfortable, right? Plants can feel the same way if they can’t absorb the water you’re providing quickly enough. Be sure to watch for several weeks if a new planting needs more or less, and adjust your watering schedule accordingly. If windowsill or other potting areas are chosen, regular and sometimes daily watering is necessary.


The best part of learning to garden? The rewards! Be sure to take time to stop and smell your newly planted roses, or throw a BBQ on your freshly flowered patio. It’s important to enjoy the beauty of a job well done!

If you are having trouble knowing where to start, don’t know what to plant, or have questions about a specific plant’s needs, contact one of our experts at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services. They can easily guide you through the entire gardening process from start to finish.