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4 Ways to Better Utilize Your Front Yard

As a homeowner, you likely spend most of your time and effort on outdoor projects in your backyard. But what about the front yard? Too often this expanse of lawn looks lovely for curb appeal, but is very under-utilized. Why waste it? Below are four front yard projects that will have you splitting your time more equally between both sides of your house!


Seating Area

The addition of a seating area adds to the allure of the front of a home. Creating a centralized gathering place can be achieved by placing a gravel area, a stone path and comfortable seating. This quick and relatively inexpensive renovation project can often be completed in a single afternoon.

If a more formal seating area is on your wish list, the solution may be a concrete or paver area. Choose a location with great shade to ensure maximum comfort during the summer months.


English Garden

If your front yard is currently void of greenery, consider adding the beauty and romance of an English garden. A traditional English garden is uniform and structured in design. This concept works well in smaller spaces, provided the layout is well-planned. A trellis of climbing roses, a stone path or a small arbor can provide the setting for a vertical garden space at the front of your home that everyone will enjoy and that will increase the value of your home. Need more ideas? Visit our English Garden-themed booth at the Maryland Home & Garden Show!


Front Porch Expansion

If the front porch of your home is underused, talk to a professional about whether or not an expansion or a deck might add character and utility to your property. Many homeowners do not use or enjoy their front yard simply due to a lack of a good design layout. The experts at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services can help design, plan and execute a beautiful patio expansion perfectly fit for your home and its environment.


Water Feature

The attractiveness of a waterfall, fountain or other water feature in your front yard may give you the perfect excuse to linger on your front porch. A small fishpond will bring color and activity to the feature, and you may add a few water lilies and lotus flowers for a low-maintenance option. Install a decorative park bench and fall in love with your front yard again!


Whether you are planning a small building project or just planting a fresh round of plants and flowers, remember that Absolute Landscape is here to help. Contact one of our professionals for help with any front yard projects you have planned this season.