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5 Organic Weed Killers

One of the most common questions our customers ask is how to kill weeds organically. More and more households are moving towards natural, chemical-free ingredients for cooking and cleaning. Limiting the chemicals you use on your plants and flowers is a great way to continue that organic lifestyle. Below are 5 simple, natural ways to kill weeds in your garden – most you can find right in your kitchen!

Dihydrogen monoxide

Drench those weeds in the powerful herbicide dihydrogen monoxide, also known as… water. That’s right – a pot of boiling water can easily destroy weeds. Heat a pot of water on the stove and pour it on the weeds in your yard. Be careful, as this method can easily harm the plants you want to keep. However, there are no harmful residues and it’s free!


Grab that bottle of vinegar out of the cabinet and attack those pesky weeds. Acetic acid is the chief killer in vinegar; it strips the plants of moisture, killing them in just a few hours. Douse vinegar on weeds while carefully avoiding any other plants. For a stronger formula, mix a gallon of vinegar, a cup of salt, and a tablespoon of dish soap. Spray or pour on weeds, and your yard should be weed-free in no time.

Table salt

Salt prevents plants – including pesky weeds – from growing. Because of this, try not to get any directly on the soil. To apply, completely cover the plants you wish to save, mix a solution of 1 part salt and 8 parts water, and spray down the weeds.

A ring of fire

Light your weeds on fire (you know you want to). Applying heat to weeds will not only kill the leaves; with repeat applications, you can keep the roots from coming back as well. Flame-weeders are special tools that allow you to concentrate flames on only the weeds. Be sure to be cautious in your flame-weeder usage; follow directions carefully and do not use them during a hot spell  – that can lead to extensive damage.


While you probably know cornmeal for its versatility in baked or fried goods, did you know that it is perfect for weed killing? Cornmeal acts as a kind of birth control for seeds, preventing seeds from germinating. After your desired plants and crops have begun growing, throw some cornmeal on the ground around them to keep weeds at bay.

Hopefully, these natural, sustainable solutions have given you ideas for managing your garden and keeping weeds in their place without chemicals. If you have weeds that just will not die or questions about natural ways to kill weeds, click here to contact one of our experts!