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5 Ways to enjoy your outdoor living space in the fall

Summer often gets all the love when it comes to outdoor entertainment, but autumn can be just as ideal, if not even better. For starters, the weather hovers at pleasantly cool temperatures, there are fewer insects and evenings are cool enough to have an outdoor fire pit. These are just a few of the reasons why autumn is a great time for entertaining guests and family outdoors.

In this guide, we at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services, Inc. go over a few tips on how to make the most out of your outdoor spaces this fall.

1. Warm up with a fire pit

There is no more perfect addition to a home’s outdoor spaces in the fall than a fire pit. It acts as a natural focal point in your landscape, attracting people’s attention and asking them to approach its warmth and light. Position an outdoor sofa, love seat, or a few chairs near your fire pit, and you now have a spot for cozying up to someone for warmth on those clear and crisp autumn nights.

2. Create an outdoor entertainment nook

Who says TV keeps you indoors? Maximize your outdoor space by bringing your home entertainment system outside. All you need is your TV, a portable sound system like a soundbar, and some outdoor seating – a sofa, loveseat or rocking chair, for starters. You can even install an outdoor TV cabinet to keep your appliances safe from the elements, and if you’re really worried, waterproof TVs are getting more affordable all the time.

3. Add furniture for outdoor dining

Before winter finally arrives, you can take advantage of the cool weather by setting up an outdoor dining space, complete with practical outdoor furniture. Note that your dining area should be conducive to conversations, so try using smaller round tables, which allow guests to be closer to one another and talk. Dining tables also go perfectly near a fire pit or fireplace, where your dinner party will have a constant source of warmth and soft light. Take outdoor dining to another level by adding an outdoor kitchen. Built-in grills, kitchen islands and outdoor refrigerators allow you to fix a wonderful meal without having to miss the party!

4. Light up your garden

Although a fire pit provides some level of light, it will not be enough to ensure your entire garden is well-lit. After sunset, the last thing you want is for your guests to have problems finding their wine glasses in the dark. You can install multiple lighting features, such as uplights near trees and focal points, pathway and step lights or string lights from the branches of your trees for a perfectly enchanting effect.

5. Focus on comfortable furniture

If you are looking to buy new outdoor furniture by the end of the summer, be sure to buy pieces with thick cushions. Comfort should be your primary concern with your furniture, so be sure to have pillows and blankets handy for you and your family to stay comfortable as you cozy up to one another on those cool autumn evenings.

With some prep work and a few adjustments to your garden setup, you can turn your home’s outdoor space into a great entertainment space in the fall. For more outdoor decor tips, talk to the experts at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services.