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Bring Your Backyard to Life with Outdoor Structures

This cold weather may have you feeling like you’re stuck indoors but now is a great time to begin planning your outdoor structures.

Turn your backyard into a haven with various outdoor structures to choose from and customize to your liking. Outdoor structures provide a feeling of togetherness where family and friends can make the best memories. They add a unique design element to your landscape and can increase your home value.

Building an outdoor structure will:

  • Provide shade and privacy
  • Add an element of interest to your landscape
  • Make your home more extensive
  • Provide an additional area for entertainment and relaxation

Here at Absolute Landscape we love providing our customers with options. We’ve listed five different outdoor structures you should try.

Adding an arbor to your backyard provides many benefits. Arbors produce shade, add an element of design to paths and gateways, and heighten the garden. The framework of an arbor consists of open walls and an open roof to support beautiful vines. Arbors are constructed with two or four posts and are normally left freestanding; however, they can be attached to a fence or wall.

An arbor creates a tunnel-like passageway of plants that grow around it. Arbors contain a continuous line of latticework that runs from each side to frame the arched shape that it entails. An arbor is considered a shelter of vines or of latticework that is covered with climbing vines. Furthermore, they can be used as a path or to separate different garden areas.


Pergola structures add a unique element of design to any landscape. A pergola, like an arbor, is normally supported by four columns/posts and contains open sides and an open top; however, the difference between the two lies within the structure. Unlike arbors, pergolas are not arch shaped and contain posts that support a roof-like structure. A pergola is not usually freestanding like an arbor, but instead they are usually attached or placed right next to a home. Pergolas are considered an open overhang containing supports. Building a pergola will add shade as well as a creative look to your landscape.

A pergola structure is traditionally constructed out of wood. More recently, pergolas have been constructed out of aluminum or vinyl because these materials are easier to maintain. Pergolas typically cover patios and add a comfortable space to enjoy with friends and family.

Accentuate your yard with a gazebo. Most gazebos are hexagonal or octagonal in shape. Unlike pergolas and arbors, gazebos have a completely covered roof. Unique gazebo designs can be set in a garden to add an element of design or in a specific location to offer a view while also providing shelter. Building a gazebo will provide you with a place to relax in while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Unique gazebo designs have the capability to take your landscape from ordinary to extraordinary. Choose a gazebo design that goes along with the design of your house to keep everything harmonized.

Outdoor Pavilions
An outdoor pavilion allows you to enjoy nature while being protected from the elements. Similar to a gazebo, an outdoor pavilion has a completely covered roof. An outdoor pavilion, however, is rectangular in shape.

Adding an outdoor pavilion to your property allows for a great space for cooking outdoors while being covered by a roof. You can also include a seating area under your pavilion to provide guests with a convenient place to eat and relax.

If you would like to find out more information about the benefits of adding an outdoor structure to your landscape, click here to set up a free consultation.