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Celebrating National Garden Week

Happy June 4-10th! Or as is it also known, National Garden Week. We here at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services are passionate about yards, landscapes and all things outdoors. Here are five of the main reasons we want you to get outside and celebrate National Garden Week this year.

Beautify Your Landscape

Every landscape can be improved by adding flowers, herbs or colorful plants. Whether you simply plant a few annuals or tackle a larger project like a privacy hedge, greenery enhances your outdoor living space.

You already know that planting flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs and vegetables beautifies any outdoor space, but continuing to plant these items also replenishes nature. With continued problems like deforestation and expanding areas of construction, planting and maintaining even a small green area is a great way to continue to give back to Mother Nature.

Spending time outdoors can do wonders for your health. Inhaling fresh air and having dirt on your hands are both great ways to catch a quick mood boost, and there is nothing like the satisfaction you feel after watching your plants grow.

Gardening has also been shown to reduce stress and fight dementia as we age. And who can forget about burning extra calories? How about that for getting you swimsuit-ready this summer?

Encouraging A Balanced Ecosystem

You may not know this, but every yard is its own ecosystem. Adding flowers, herbs and trees allows the ecosystem in your yard to become more balanced. A beautiful garden is important but so is offering a suitable environment for birds, squirrels, and yes, even bugs. A thriving ecosystem improves air quality and enhances the surrounding environment’s ability to support life. Did you know your landscape was so powerful? Talk about saving the planet one yard at a time!

Boost Your Nutritional Intake

Even if your garden does not single-handedly save the planet or rescue the honey bee population, it can absolutely aid in your nutrition. Nothing tastes better than tomatoes ripe off the vine or herbs cut fresh from your container garden. Start small and plant a few of your favorite herbs or vegetables. Then track how much better your eating habits become once your crop begins to overflow.

Family Fun

Allow your children or grandchildren to get in on the fun by planting some of their own vegetables, and see if they are more open to trying them on their plates. Teaching great habits begins early, and gardening is a great first step no matter your age.

If you need help getting started or would like suggestions, click here to talk to one of our experts.