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Choosing Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting in Clarksville, MD

Why head inside when the sun goes down? You can enjoy your outdoor living space well into the night with landscape lighting. To extend your outdoor entertaining after the daylight, add security, enhance aesthetics and invest in low voltage lighting that complements the already existing landscaping style.

Depending on the types of low-voltage landscape lighting you choose, you can lend some drama to your home’s architectural features, emphasize favorite plants and showcase your property. From the effect of moonlight shining down onto your trees to the mellow illumination of a garden wall, the possibilities are endless.


Simple lights

A fun, quick way to make a big splash after dark is to use a string of simple fairy lights. Just dig out those white lights you wrapped around your Christmas tree, and string them from one tree to another. This will transform your backyard into an enchanted spot for backyard entertaining. It’s quick and easy to brighten a tree from the ground on up by wrapping a string of white lights all around it. Wrap both the trunk and the foliage of a tree in the small white lights to create the effect of fireflies hovering in the branches!


Bullet lights

For more precise, permanent illumination of trees, garden and house features, bullet lights are the best choice. Often fitted with bulbs that throw out a thin beam of light, the versatility and compact fixtures of the bullet light can highlight fountains, tree trunks and other attention-worthy elements of your yard.


Flood lights

To illuminate tall trees, wide facades or other large outdoor spaces at night, a flood light will do the job. Flood lights offer a wider beam than bullet lights, a brighter beam than wash lights and will provide a more dramatic effect when fixed on a tree or garden wall.


Garden lights

Unlike other lights, garden lights can be a focal point, which is apparent in their stylish design options. With canopy fixtures on top of posts about 20 inches tall, garden lights are also practical, reflecting light onto the garden bed below.


From garden lights to wash lights, landscape lighting relies on stepped-down power from your house, reducing the household current from 120 volts to 12 volts, and making low-voltage lighting safer and more cost-effective. Since landscape lights still need to be laid out, wired in and have all components installed, it is best to work with a qualified professional who will understand the different fixtures and how they can be safely installed.

With natural, well-placed landscape lighting, your outdoor living space will transform into an enchanting getaway after dark. For tips on designing the perfect, energy-efficient lighting system for your property, contact the experts at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services. Click here to see some options!