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DIY Holiday Decorations Using Materials Found in Your Own Backyard

Ready to put your creative powers to use enhancing holiday cheer at home? While most people decorate the inside of their home over the holidays, consider expanding your decorating efforts to include the outdoors.


Pine cone wreath for Entry Way

In order to achieve an amazing accent piece for your entry way, consider making a decorative pine cone wreath. Simply gather pine cones and spray paint them outside in a well-ventilated area. Choose festive sparkly colors, such as glittered gold and silver, or red and green. Allow to dry completely overnight, preferably in the yard or inside a garden shed. Or, for a more rustic feel, leave the pine cones unpainted.

Once dry, attach pine cones to a pre-made wreath form with a hot glue gun. Wreath forms can be found at any local craft store. Glue pine cones around the form until it is fully covered, add a festive bow or attach additional ornaments to the pine cones to complete the overall look and theme.

Wreathes can also be used as a centerpiece to spruce up your holiday table! Simply lay the wreath on the table and place a flower vase or candle holder in the middle to enhance the accent piece.


Pine tree branches

Not only do pine tree branches bring a lovely seasonal scent inside, but they can be used for many varying design projects. Add smaller ones to your pine cone wreath to add a natural, colorful touch. Or artfully scatter a few branches around a collection of candles or bowls of ornaments to create a wonderfully scented centerpiece.

For a simple yet elegant place setting, simply snip a pine tree branch to the length of a dinner plate. Tie gold ribbon to a napkin and around the branch, and insert a place card into the fold of the ribbon. Place finished napkins on each dinner serving and enjoy!


Holiday flowering pots

While most of the flowers have died or browned during this time of year, you can still use the pots to decorate your outdoor space. Simply remove any excess or dead plant life. Add branches, pine cones, pine tree cuttings and additional outdoor elements to create a rustic and earthy piece.

Think of this more as a floral decoration using natural materials. Layer the materials with the taller branches and pieces in the rear of the pot and stagger the height of the remaining materials as you work forward. Add twinkle lights or small ornaments for extra holiday sparkle.

Still struggling for ideas? The designers at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services, Inc. are happy to help make your home shine this holiday season. Contact us to find out more about our decorating options, we have ideas and packages for every home and budget.