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Five New Year’s Resolutions for your Landscape

When you’re planning your goals for the New Year, does home improvement come to mind? If you want to improve your living space don’t forget the outside! Here are five New Year’s landscaping resolutions that will get you dreaming about everything your yard could be in 2017.


1.  Tackle a hardscape project

Whatever hardscape plans you have been putting off, this is the year to get it done. From smaller projects like adding a stone façade to your front steps, to larger additions like a brand new patio, a hardscape element can make a huge difference in your landscape.


2.  Finish a small maintenance project

Is the thought of a big project too overwhelming? Maybe you just need a reminder to finish the smaller tasks that have been waiting for you around the yard. Make a list of what should be maintained this year that you didn’t get around to last year. Prune back overgrown bushes, trim back overgrown or dead trees branches or remove leftover yard debris and leaves. The best facelift for your yard may just be a clean-up overhaul.


3.  Prepare to plant

If planting new plants, shrubs or flowers is on your to-do list for this year, start planning now! Instead of throwing seeds down willy-nilly or buying what’s left at the hardware store, make a resolution to organize and prepare. Do research on what plants thrive in your area and how well each plant or flower fare in the amount of sunlight available. Create a sketch of what you want your garden to look like, including color and texture. Think about including annual flowers for seasonal color, or varying heights for visual appeal.


4.  Upgrade an outdoor living space

Been dreaming about a new sitting area or an upgraded outdoor kitchen? Make it happen! If your family spends a lot of time outside, think about what renovations can be done to maximize your existing space, or what new design could be added.


5.  Consider a landscape maintenance package

Did your landscaping goals fall flat last year? Were you too busy with other things to properly maintain your yard? Consider making landscape maintenance a priority in 2017. At Absolute Landscape and Turf Surfaces, we have all of the knowledge and equipment to help your yard be the best it can be. Feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our landscape professionals. Not only will you have a landscape to be proud of, but you may even have enough time to stop and smell the roses in your own backyard!