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Gardening Tools to Add to your Holiday List

Do you need some great gifts for the landscaper in your life? Here are three absolutely essential landscape tools that need to be on your holiday shopping list this season, as well as some fun suggestions on how to use them to enhance the holiday spirit, not only in your yard, but in your home.


Heavy-duty yard rake

Made for tackling those large piles of leaves and yard debris, a heavy-duty yard rake is perfect for every homeowner. Choose a rake built to last and with a comfortable handle for easy gripping and a wide head to maximize the amount of debris. There are many varieties and brands of rakes, so be sure to look for the type that is suited for your individual landscaping projects and needs.

Leaves and other fall lawn decor also provide wonderful background and settings for family photos that you can take yourself. While Christmas pictures are often staged and can feel impersonal, why not design a comfortable and familiar setting outdoors to document a family gathering or a traditional dinner party with friends?

Rake fallen leaves and gather underneath a picturesque tree or other backdrop in your yard or on your front porch. Set up a tripod and a camera with a timer, and you’re ready to style fantastic and candid pictures from your own front yard. For some added fun, have any participants toss leaves in the air or at one another.



Don’t let snow cover your sidewalk or dampen your holiday plans. Choosing a well-designed and heavy duty model will not only allow you to clear paths now, but will also provide you with the means to do the heavy-duty digging your yard will need come spring. This well-rounded, all-seasons tool is a must have for everyone on your list.


Hand trowel

In order to tackle smaller yard projects, such as planting flowers and weeding garden beds, a hand trowel is a necessity for every hobbyist gardener. Choose a design which is ergonomic and fits easily into the palm of your hand. Also avoid models with plastic heads, as they are easier to break and are less able to deal with difficult materials in yards and flower beds.

Hand trowels and other small gardening tools can be versatile gifts. Design a gardening theme stocking and adorn it with varying gardening tools. Do you need a larger gift for a holiday gift exchange? Add gardening shears, a hand trowel and gloves to a large basket. Throw in some local seed packets of flowers and vegetables, and you have a gift anyone on your holiday list is sure to love.

Whatever landscape tool you’re buying this holiday season, we at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services wish you and yours a joyous holiday!