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How to Escape the Cold Weather Blues: Plan Your Pool and Spa

You may be digging out your winter gloves and hat but it’s the perfect time to plan your swimming pool patio. Who doesn’t want to think about the blooming flowers and bright sunshine while shivering in their car, waiting for it to warm up?

If you think choosing a pool and spa was fun, you will really enjoy planning the area around it! Your pool company handles the installation of your pool and/or spa, but Absolute Landscape & Turf Services, Inc. can take your outdoor space to the next level. Regardless of how much you like to swim, you’ll probably be spending as much time around the pool as you’ll be spending in it, so be sure to plan for a beautiful surrounding patio. There are dozens of options for design and materials, and our experts have given us a few tips for navigating through the seemingly endless amount of pool patio ideas.


One of the most important tasks for planning poolscapes is working with the existing landscape design.  Just like any hardscape project, your pool and spa needs to match the style of the house as well as what  surrounds it. Do  you have a more traditional Cape Cod style home or a sleek, modern home? You’ll want to create cohesiveness throughout your outdoor space that will not only look beautiful, but feel harmonious.

Another thing to consider is the type of atmosphere you want to create. Are you looking for a more tranquil, serene setting where you can bask in the sunshine and float on a raft with your pina colada? Or do you want something fun for the whole family, with lots of seating and gathering spots? Whatever your “happy place” is, our designers can help you get there.


After focusing on the feelings you want your space to evoke, think about how the pool patio will actually be used. Is the area going to be the center of your entertainment? Consider creating an entire outdoor living area, complete with an outdoor kitchen, dining space and cozy fire pit or fireplace. This type of outdoor living can be utilized throughout all four seasons – even in Maryland. Hopping from your heated spa to under a blanket next to a cozy fire is not a bad way to spend a winter evening!


Once the foundation for your plan has been established, there are dozens of options available to customize your perfect pool patio. A pool is a strong horizontal structure – adding a vertical element will balance the design, while possibly presenting a solution to potential issues. Does the sun beat down relentlessly on your backyard? A pergola or pavilion over a section of your pool patio will provide much-welcomed shade throughout the day and increase the time you will use the space. A line of trees or tall bushes can create a sense of privacy between your yard and the neighbors, although you’ll want to avoid any foliage that drop leaves or debris into your pool.

Lighting is an important element to consider when planning your pool and spa patio. Not only can lighting set the mood, it serves as a practical feature for safety. A game plan is essential before installation begins, and it’s important to think about how you will be using the space. Different types of lighting can serve different functions:

  • Task lighting – perfect for an outdoor kitchen as it’s essential for food preparation
  • Ambient lighting – creates an intimate feel for smaller gathering spaces
  • Landscape lighting – provides a safe path for guests when surrounding the patio or walkways
  • String lighting – an easy way to create a fun, party vibe.

Coming up with a lighting plan can be incredibly overwhelming as different types can be blended to create the atmosphere you desire. Our experts are happy to help design the perfect combination of beauty and functionality that will compliment your new outdoor space.


Choosing materials can be an overwhelming task with any hardscape project. The good news is, the wide variety allows you the chance to play with texture and color to bring out the beauty of your pool and spa. Even a simple pool can be made luxurious with the right materials and design. Our professionals will present you with stylish, durable and low-maintenance options, and help you choose which will fit best with your home.

Adding a pool and spa patio or updating an existing one can sometimes be a daunting task. Let our experts help you spend less time worrying about the process and more time dreaming of spring. The winter weather will break before you know it, and you’ll want to enjoy your new outdoor space as soon as you can. Click here for your free estimate so you can be ready!