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Landscape Maintenance in Ellicott City, Sykesville, Woodbine, Glenwood, Fulton, and the Surrounding Areas

As you might imagine there are plenty of opinions about landscape maintenance in Ellicott City, Sykesville, Woodbine, Glenwood, Fulton, and the surrounding areas. Who should do what, what questions you should ask, and even if the landscape company that you did installation with should do your landscape maintenance. At Absolute Landscape & Turf Services, Inc., not only do we handle all kinds of landscape installations, but we also take care of a wide range of landscape maintenance tasks. And yes, we end up doing landscape maintenance for many of the clients that we did the original landscape installation for. Contact us today to learn more about all of our landscape maintenance services.

Who Knows Your Landscaping Best

Landscape Maintenance in Ellicott City, Sykesville, Woodbine, Glenwood, FultonYou’ll hear pros and cons to having your installation company also handle your maintenance. Some people might tell you that if you plan on having your installation company do the maintenance as well that somehow you will end up with an inferior installation because they know that they can just make more money with the landscape maintenance that they will do on your property. While this might be true with some landscape installers, this is not the norm in the industry at all.

When you think about it, doing a bad job with the installation usually backfires when it comes to getting the maintenance contracts. If you can’t handle the installation right, why would you handle the maintenance right? On top of that, because we know all of the plants and other features that were installed as part of your landscape, we know how best to help keep the plants healthy and to keep all of your landscaping looking its best.

Get The Right People for The Job

If you got a deck installed at your property and you had an issue with it, you wouldn’t talk with a plumber about it. You would go back to whoever installed it and ask them about the issue. It is the same way with your landscape and keeping things looking their best. Come back to your landscape installation team and have them handle the landscape maintenance because they will have all of the records of what was done, what plants were used, and more. This makes landscape maintenance very easy and straightforward for everyone.

For more than 20 years Absolute Landscape & Turf Services, Inc. has been providing top-level design, installation, and maintenance services for clients all over Ellicott City, Sykesville, Woodbine, Glenwood, Fulton, and the surrounding areas. They don’t stay in business by cutting corners and doing less than stellar projects. Contact us today to learn about our process and how we pride ourselves on taking care of our clients every day.