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Landscaping and Hardscaping in Highland, MD

A house is nothing more than a building on a property when the yard has no landscaping. You can transform a house into a home with landscape renovations and hardscaping! This is where landscaping can provide a number of benefits, including aesthetic appeal, erosion protection, areas for seating, pathways for people to follow, and more. At Absolute Landscape & Turf Services, our team is dedicated to transforming your Highland, MD, property into a welcoming place while providing privacy, entertaining spaces, and so much more. From pleasing plants to a variety of hardscaping options like walkways, retaining walls, and more, landscaping transforms your outdoor space to be an extension of your indoor space.

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Retaining Walls and Hardscaping in Highland, MD

One of the most common outdoor features that serve several purposes is retaining walls. While some can be impressive outdoor walls, more often retaining walls are smaller and blend in with other hardscaping. Large or small, retaining walls play an important role in the landscaping of your property in Highland, MD. They help to shape your landscape so that you have areas where you can feature a firepit, for example, or make room for an outdoor kitchen.

Retaining walls can also help to prevent erosion and can also be used to redirect water where you want it to go. Additionally, retaining walls can be used to provide a base for lighting fixtures to provide area lighting outdoors, and can even incorporate seating options, plant stands, and more. Working with our design team for your hardscaping needs will result in a beautiful and functional end product that will last for years.

Landscaping Services for Highland, Maryland

Doing landscaping properly involves several different aspects that are each important to the full picture. Our team looks at the whole picture and not just a small portion of it because it all needs to work together to accomplish our landscaping goals. Your landscaping should flow from one area to the next without feeling choppy or incomplete. We utilize retaining walls and other hardscaping as a contrast to the softer aspects of landscaping such as plants, water, and other features. And rather than throwing everything at a project, we are judicious to properly use a few select pieces and repeat those throughout the design for your Highland, Maryland, home.

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We are proud to provide our services to homeowners in and around Highland. One of the earliest businesses at the crossroads was Well’s tavern, founded by Richard Wells in 1759. This was replaced with a wheelwright’s shop by Joshua B. Disney in 1842. The same year, William Wall opened a general store and post office, giving the crossroads the short-lived name of “Walls Crossroads” before another name change of the post office on December 2, 1878, to “Highland” to reflect the town’s elevation in Howard County.

Homeowners love the area but don’t always love their homes. If you feel like your house is nothing more than a bland and boring property, we’ll turn that blank canvas into a landscaping masterpiece!

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