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Lawn Care and Landscaping This Fall in Glenwood, Sykesville, West Friendship, Dayton, Ellicott City, Glenelg, Clarksville, and Surrounding Maryland Areas

Many homeowners want to add a pop of color in an otherwise dull-looking yard. There’s no need to have a bland landscape just because it’s fall and the daffodils are done blooming. Why should spring get all the glory? If you’d like to take time this fall to brighten up your lawn, landscaping in the fall is highly recommended.

Why Do Fall Yard Work?

Fall is the ideal time to consider planting trees, shrubs or bulbs that will bloom in the spring in the Maryland area. Not only is fall planting good for the plants, but the cooler temperatures make it much more comfortable for you to spend hours outdoors.

The chillier weather can be very pleasant for plants. They aren’t stressed by the scorching sun and the cooler temperatures slow the evaporation cycle leaving more time for their roots to absorb water. This is also a plus for you – less time watering, more time watching football.

Finding their home in the fall will give these plants a leg up on their spring counterparts. Any plants started in the fall will have plenty of time to spread out and settle. By springtime, they will have a well-established root system that will support the plant and give it an edge for the rest of the season. When the weather warms up, you’ll have heartier and healthier plants to enjoy.

Don’t forget about your lawn! Fall is also an ideal time for aerating and seeding. This important step will go far toward ensuring your lawn will grow in full, lush and green for the spring.

Best Fall Plants for Maryland

When looking to come up with a great fall landscape design, it’s important to research what plants will work well in your climate. Our experts have come up with a few suggestions that will not only add some color to your landscape, but flourish in the cooler Maryland weather.

  • Mums are a perennial favorite – literally! They are renowned for their large blossoms and bright colors.
  • Mahonia is from the evergreen family and can add a bit of a festive atmosphere to your home.
  • Daphne offers a few color options and can lend itself well to adding a pop of color.
  • Lily of the Valley lends a delicate scent to your yard.
  • Jasmine, a member of the olive family, has small white blossoms that evoke delicacy and refinement.
  • Christmas Roses are bright red, adding some fire to your yard.
  • Witch hazel is a unique plant that may result in neighbors asking you what that plant is.
  • Red River Lily offers a delicate scent that will waft about your yard.

Ornamental grasses such as ryegrass and turf grass are also ideal additions to any fall garden. They look lovely with their orange and tan colors swaying in the wind or covered with snow and will lend an aura of mystery to any area of the garden.

Evergreen trees are perfect for this time of year. They will help keep a portion of the yard green regardless of the season. Since evergreen trees do not shed their needles, they are a great solution for privacy – no bare spots when the leaves start to fall. You can also trim a few of the evergreen boughs and bring them inside to use as decorations during the holiday season.

For more fall landscape ideas and tips, contact our experts here. We’re happy to help you figure out what will work for your lawn and what won’t, any season of the year.