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Outdoor Fireplace Design and Outdoor Fire Pit Design in Highland, MD

If you are looking for thoughtful, creative, and functional outdoor fireplace design in Highland, Maryland, or the surrounding areas, we are here for you. Unlike other hardscaping companies that offer outdoor fire pit design in Highland, we have the experience and tools required to create sustainable designs that will outlast the ages.

Since 2001, we have been the preferred choice for all Highland’s landscaping and hardscaping needs. Serving both homeowners and businesses in the area, we are dedicated to making Highland a more attractive community, one property at a time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our outdoor fireplace designers and start planning your outdoor space!

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Add space for more outdoor living with an outdoor fireplace, or fire pit. It makes a great place to gather with family and friends!


Outdoor Fireplace Design in Highland, Maryland

At Absolute Landscape & Turf Services we take a design-build approach to outdoor fireplace creation. Understanding that all of our client’s design preferences and lifestyles differ, we work closely with you to create personalized designs that meet your aesthetic and functional requirements. Not sure what outdoor fireplace design is right for your home or business? Check out these popular outdoor fireplace designs for Highland, MD property owners:

  • Grounded Outdoor Fireplaces– Grounded outdoor fireplace designs are set into the ground, making them a safer option for controlling fires.
  • Stone Garden Pits– Amongst the most common types of outdoor fire pit designs are stone garden pits that are typically round in size and made from neutral-colored stones for a rustic look.
  • Glass Wall Fireplaces– The glass wall fireplace is a modern and sleek outdoor fireplace that offers a protective layer around fires, making it an exceptionally safe option.

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Outdoor Fire Pit Design in Highland, MD

At Absolute Landscape & Turf Services we help you improve your outdoor landscape with outdoor fire pit design for Highland, Maryland, and the surrounding areas.

Working closely with you to gauge your unique wants, needs, and desires, our outdoor fire pit design team creates functional outdoor fire pits that increase the value of your property and transform your outdoor space.

Whether you enjoy entertaining guests outdoors, or you are looking for a way to keep your family warm during those cold winter months, we create customized outdoor fire pit designs that meet your needs and surpass your expectations.


Highland, Maryland

Highland, Maryland is a rural Howard County community with a small area of fewer than three miles. With a rich history and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, families and individuals of all age groups enjoy all that Highland has to offer. From the Rocky Gorge Reservoir, Brighton Azalea Garden, Lake Elkhorn, and other scenic locations nearby, Highland also proves to be an underrated vacation destination for active families. It is no wonder why Highland, MD is considered one of the best places to live in the state! 

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