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Retaining Walls in Ellicott City, Dayton, Sykesville, Howard County, and Nearby Cities

Landscaping is not only about artistically designing your yard; it goes well beyond planting trees, plants, grass, and other beautifications. Absolute Landscape and Turf Service, Inc. is here with our retaining wall installation to provide you with both structural protection and a pleasant appearance. With us, you will get top-notch solutions to various landscape-related problems. Being a Premier landscape, design, and maintenance contractor for almost 2 decades now, we can proudly say we understand the requirements of our customers.  Whether you want a depth in the middle of your garden, or create a dimension around the walkway or the patio, or you want to frame your steps, our professionals will sit with you offering new aesthetically pleasing options while keeping in mind the general function of a retaining wall. It is their sheer dedication and innovative ideas that have helped us grow over the years. We have our offices in and around the regions of Ellicott City, Clarksville, MD, Dayton, Sykesville, and Howard County.

Retaining Walls in Ellicott City, Dayton, Sykesville, Howard CountyBelow we have mentioned the 2 most important benefits of retaining the walls of your landscape. Take a look.

  1. Maintain stability

This primarily depends on the amount of support required; if you belong to a landscape that has small hills you might want to keep your soil in place to prevent them from sliding forward in a landslide. Does in such a situation a retaining wall doubles up as a safety feature as well as beautification of your yard.

  1. Erosion Protection

To restrict the soil erosion in your area can be another major reason for retaining the walls in your landscape. These walls decrease the amount of surface runoff during heavy rainfalls by leveling on the ground and also reducing the speed of the water flow.

So, if you’re planning to retain the walls in your landscape, you can get in touch with us at 410- 489- 0655.