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Six Bulbs You Can Plant Now to Enjoy in Summer

Spring has definitely sprung in Maryland, and most of us are starting to venture outdoors and work on our landscapes. Here are six bulbs you can plant now that will flower in time for your first Summer BBQ.


These friendly yellow or white spring selections bring lively spots of color to planters, patio pots or flower beds. Daffodils are perennials, which mean they only need to be planted once and they’ll show off for you year after year. Because they come back, they are the perfect flower for a cutting garden.


A classic sign of spring is the appearance of tall, slender tulips rising from the ground. But these generally need to be planted in the fall in order to arrive in early spring. However, a new trend among home design is placing these bulbs in glass vases and jars. Keep them covered with a steady provision of water, and these blooms will grace your kitchen or window sill until you can plant them in the fall.


If a rainbow of color is what you are looking for, anemones are a perfect choice. Be sure to check with your landscape professional, as not all anemone bulbs are cold hardy. This does not mean they cannot be planted in your area, but they must be dug up and stored prior to each harsh Maryland winter.


If your yard is in desperate need of greenery, a variety of hostas will bring all their color to the table. These cold-hardy bulbs can be placed in the ground now and will appear mid-summer. Be sure to provide good drainage for the planting area; too much saturation can damage and possibly kill hosta bulbs.


If there is an area of your yard that needs some love but does not get much heat, then consider adding begonias. Available in many colors, these tender flowers may not survive a Maryland winter, but they are worth digging up and saving year after year.


It is hard to say no to such a diverse and spectacular-looking flower as a lily. These spring bulbs can be planted now and will appear mid-summer. They should be planted in full sun and require regular watering, but the results are worth the work.

If you have questions about what bulbs to plant this year, when to plant them, or how to best ensure their growth, contact our experts here. We would love to help you make your garden and landscaping burst with color this spring.