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Three Reasons to Hire Professionals for Winter Storm Damage Cleanup

While the first month of the New Year is full of promise and resolutions, it is also the month for winter’s worst storms. January is a highly volatile time for weather. Most homeowners attempt to clean up winter storm damage themselves or with the help of neighbors, but here are three reasons why you should hire professionals instead.



Broken tree limbs, uprooted bushes and fallen debris may seem like a breeze to get rid of yourself. The problem, however, is usually not the work involved. Instead, it is homeowners who are unaware of potential dangers that lurk in the aftermath of severe weather.

Some damage is easy to see when storms destroy homes and landscaping. But other damage, such as exposed power lines, gas leaks and punctured water mains, is less obvious. A professional will be able to determine whether or not utility or cable companies need to cut power to your property before they start the cleanup process.

Homeowners often underestimate the breadth of storm damage to the property, and that leads to even higher risks to property, home, people and pets. Take into account the risk of slipping, falling or being struck by loose debris. Who wants to start the New Year off with an injury?


Time and cost

Instead of tackling the aftermath of a storm, save time and money by calling a reputable company proficient in dealing with debris cleanup. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems, and cleaning up yourself will almost always cost more time and money than initially thought. Unexpected costs such as renting equipment or disposal fees can break your budget. A professional will give you an upfront estimate so you and your bank account know what to expect.

Certain insurance companies may even cover cleanup costs after a storm. Review your policy and talk to your insurance agent now to be fully advised about your policy. Why incur additional costs and loss of time when you can invest in professional help?


Additional property damage

Depending on its placement, debris may lead to additional damage to property and landscape. Uprooted or fallen trees can be unsteady or dangerous following a storm. Limbs, leaves and trees can destroy swimming pool liners, a home’s roofline, gutters or downspouts. Not to mention the potential damage to your wet and slippery yard if heavy equipment or trucks are used.

We at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services, Inc. are fully prepared to handle any storm damage cleanup project. After a storm hits, call or contact us here and let us handle all your cleanup needs.