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Water Features: The Perfect Addition to Any Landscape

Water features are landscape enhancements that use water and various other materials to bring beauty and tranquility to your home. As with any hardscape element, water features provide a focal point for your landscape and natural gathering place for guests. Having your very own backyard oasis is more attainable than you may think.

These striking structures come in various shapes and sizes and are very customizable to fit in small or large spaces. And with the variety of equipment and products, maintaining your water feature can easily fit your budget and lifestyle.

Types of Water Features

The options are virtually endless when it comes to the design of your project. The answer to the inevitable question of “what is best” depends on a few factors: available space, budget and maintenance ability. The good news is that our designers are the best in the business, and can help you determine which variety works best for you.


Ponds are one of the most popular choices due to their beauty and functionality. Whether large or small, your pond can be its own garden with a huge variety of aquatic plants – it can even provide a home for a new family pet! Koi or goldfish are very interactive and friendly, and can deliver hours of entertainment for families or younger guests.

Considering adding a pond but not sure about space? Grab your garden hose and use it to “guesstimate” the size and shape you would like it to be. Keep in mind that no matter the actual size of the pond, you’ll want at least two or three feet of bed space around it for plants and flowers.


If you love the idea of water in your yard, but aren’t able to accommodate or maintain a pond, waterfalls are a great option. The smaller size and constant movement make maintenance a breeze. And the lack of depth or standing pool of water is the perfect solution for any safety concerns associated with a traditional pond.

Waterfalls can be built to look like a natural part of the landscape with stones and aquatic foliage, or they can add a beautiful element of surprise to a typical retaining wall. As one of the most versatile of water features, these structures can be added virtually anywhere in your yard.


Fountains are another option for smaller spaces, and a unique and creative decoration for your outdoor space. From bubbling rocks to water-spouting angels, fountains come in almost every shape and size imaginable. When thinking of landscape fountains, many people imagine larger structures placed in the middle of a huge circular driveway, or in the courtyard of your local park, but the designs have come a long way.

image from https://raisedgardenbed.club/read/bubbling-rock-fountains-for-garden.html

Nowadays a reservoir can be installed as a vase in the corner of your patio, or a slate column along your front walkway. Certain designs can fit into areas as small as 16”.

Don’t let lack of space or time deter you from a water feature. Contact one of our experts here to start the process of designing a soothing sanctuary for your landscape.