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What gardening tools should be in your shed this fall

Fall is officially here. Leaves cover the yard, the air cools and the time is now to prepare your landscape for impending winter weather. At Absolute Landscape and Turf Services Inc., we have made a list of five essential fall gardening tools to help you maintain your lawn before the weather gets any colder.

Upgrade your gardening gloves

As the weather changes, so should your gardening gloves. Working outside in colder temperatures could lead to skin exposure and damage from dead branches and brush. Choose gloves made of thicker material, not only to protect your skin, but to withstand stray brambles or sharp objects while you work outside.

A large landscaping rake

As trees drop their leaves, mulch and heavy leaf collection is too much for an ordinary rake. A landscape rake is wider, sturdier and perfectly suited for larger jobs. Avoid models with plastic heads as these will not last longer than a few seasons of use. Aluminum heads are stronger and can pick up larger amounts of material from your yard.

Utility cart

Mulch, topsoil and other heavy organic materials can be easily transferred in a utility cart. There are several wonderful models that may be found at a reasonable price. When shopping, it’s important to note the specific features of each available cart and decide what is best for your landscaping needs.

Several models can collapse for easier storage, but make sure to check weight limits if you need a cart to move larger loads. There are also models that have dumping capabilities, which simplifies unloading.

Telescoping tree pruner

Before snow and freezing rain burden trees and bushes to their breaking point, prune straggling limbs and excess branches. A telescoping tree pruner will not only help you reach higher areas, but will also store easily in your garage or shed without taking up too much room.

Kneeling pad

No matter what kind of landscape work you do this fall, make sure you have a kneeling pad. There are quality pads, which allow for you to sit or kneel comfortably while you are planting or weeding. They are also reasonably priced.

Prepare for winter by choosing the best fall gardening tools. If you have questions or need other landscaping help, let one of our professionals help.