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Why You Should Steer Towards Paver Driveways

Let’s face it… first impressions are important. You know how much time and energy you’ve put into maintaining the perfect yard, decorating your front porch, and keeping your siding power washed? None of that matters if your guests pull up to a dirty, cracked concrete slab.

Consider the fact that the typical 20’ x 40’ suburban driveway occupies about 800 square feet – almost half of a tennis court! Yet homeowners rarely think of theirs as a top design priority. With a little imagination and creativity, your driveway can be made into a stylish gateway to your home.

What to Consider

Before getting to the fun of choosing from an infinite number of driveway styles, many practical decisions have to be made such as size, functionality and materials.

Planning ahead is always encouraged when taking on a project of this nature. For example, if you have kids that will be driving soon or love to entertain, you may want to consider creating space for additional vehicles.

The actual size of the driveway should be appropriately scaled for your yard. Though you can emphasize one or the other with design, a good balance in proportion is more pleasing to the eye. If you have significant landscape or yard paraphernalia along the sides, be sure that the driveway is not so narrow that your car door will hit something when you open it.

We’ve mentioned before why pavers are always a good choice for any hardscape project. There are endless options of paver driveway designs available, and their durability makes them the perfect choice for this hard-working, constantly-used addition. The style for your new driveway should complement the architectural design for your home, and the sheer amount of choices you have with pavers ensures a perfect match.

Design Options

There are many ways beyond just colors and driveway patterns to make your driveway stand out from the crowd. Plantings around the bottom can help bring additional color and drama to your entrance. Adding lighting along longer driveways not only provides a safe walkway for guests, but makes it easier to pull in or back out after dark. Bordering your driveway with a different material or flowers help blend the edges seamlessly into your landscaping.

DIY vs. Pro

In this modern age of Pinterest and hobby TV channels, many people question the necessity of hiring a professional. While it’s a valid consideration, the cost of a poorly installed driveway simply isn’t worth the potential savings of taking on this project yourself. To guarantee stability and longevity, the ground must be prepared by knowledgeable professionals before installation even begins. Plus, proper drainage systems must be in place to avoid standing water issues, which can compromise the materials and lead to more frequent maintenance and repairs.

Our experts not only install your driveway with the utmost precision, our team will be able to create a custom design that will be perfect for your home and needs. Considerations like the existing terrain and preservation of the natural aesthetics of your landscape (like trees and rocks) will be incorporated into the design.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating your current boring driveway, the professionals at Absolute Landscape & Turf Services, Inc. are here to help. Click here for your free consultation!