5 Landscape Lighting Techniques That Will Spark West Friendship, MD, Homeowners Creativity

Tweet Is your house missing that “wow” factor? Your yard is landscaped beautifully but you feel like it’s just not quite complete? Or maybe you live in a neighborhood where the houses are very similar, and you want to make yours stand out from the rest. Many homeowners plan a yard that looks gorgeous during […]

How Much Value Does Landscaping Add to Your Glenwood, Sykesville, West Friendship, MD, Home?

TweetThere is no denying that first impressions make an impact. Whether you’re an employee interviewing a candidate, or meeting a blind date at a restaurant, appearance can sometimes make or break the situation. The same goes for house-hunting. Buyers are more apt to take a closer look at a home with curb appeal than an […]

Choosing Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting in Clarksville, MD

Tweet Why head inside when the sun goes down? You can enjoy your outdoor living space well into the night with landscape lighting. To extend your outdoor entertaining after the daylight, add security, enhance aesthetics and invest in low voltage lighting that complements the already existing landscaping style.