Get Gardening, It’s International Plant Appreciation Day!

TweetHappy International Plant Appreciation Day! International Plant Appreciation Day takes place on April 13th each year. This day is a celebration of all plants and the countless benefits they provide. International Plant Appreciation day takes place in spring which is a great time to plant outdoors. With all the benefits that plants provide us with, […]

Best Flowers for Shade

TweetTrying to turn a yard that is completely shaded into a bright colorful landscape seems difficult, but with the right plants it can be done! There are many plant options for landscaping a completely shaded yard. Creating a shade garden is a great idea. A shade garden is a garden that is planted and grown […]

Everything You Need to Know About Dividing Perennials

TweetStuck in an end of season gardening rut? Try a different way to keep your landscape in pristine condition      – by dividing your plants. 

How to Grow a Pollinator Garden

TweetA recent report from the Center for Biological Diversity reveals some staggering statistics: more than half of the 700 North American bee species are declining, and nearly a quarter of them are on the brink of extinction. This due not only to the use of pesticides, but also habitat loss. Pollination is a crucial part […]

Celebrating National Garden Week

TweetHappy June 4-10th! Or as is it also known, National Garden Week. We here at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services are passionate about yards, landscapes and all things outdoors. Here are five of the main reasons we want you to get outside and celebrate National Garden Week this year. Beautify Your Landscape Every landscape can […]

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Landscape Maintenance Company in West Friendship, Dayton, Ellicott City, Glenelg, Clarksville, and Surrounding Maryland Areas

TweetA well-maintained landscape is an integral part of the overall value of your property. Plus, your yard should be a place for you to relax and enjoy! When hiring a landscaper, you should pick a company that knows precisely what you are looking to achieve and how best to achieve it. Here are five questions […]

Health Benefits of Gardening

TweetHealth Benefits of Gardening We’re all aware that gardening boosts the aesthetics and outdoor decor of any landscape. But gardening can also improve your health in a variety of ways – some of which may surprise you! Here at Absolute Landscape and Turf Services, we are enthusiastic about our green thumbs. After reading the improvements […]

5 Organic Weed Killers

TweetOne of the most common questions our customers ask is how to kill weeds organically. More and more households are moving towards natural, chemical-free ingredients for cooking and cleaning. Limiting the chemicals you use on your plants and flowers is a great way to continue that organic lifestyle. Below are 5 simple, natural ways to […]

4 Tips for Rookie Gardeners

Tweet The air is warm, the sun is shining and you have visions of peaceful weekends spent tending to your garden… Except your thumb is definitely not green and you have no idea how to garden. Relax! We have four tips for gardening beginners that will have you diving into this relaxing hobby. Start small […]

Six Bulbs You Can Plant Now to Enjoy in Summer

TweetSpring has definitely sprung in Maryland, and most of us are starting to venture outdoors and work on our landscapes. Here are six bulbs you can plant now that will flower in time for your first Summer BBQ. Daffodils These friendly yellow or white spring selections bring lively spots of color to planters, patio pots […]